International Christian Prayer Center (ICPC)
Windie Chaleka Ministries, Inc.
  ICP  Compassionate Trust
HIV/AIDS Treatment & Prevention in Zimbabwe, Africa

Rev. Windie Chaleka
PO BOX 24955
Jacksonville, FL 32241
United States of America
(904) 535-3238

About Us

Apostle Windie Chaleka


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa, Windie Chaleka as a youth attended a Sunday School and learned much about the Bible from the Missionary teachers. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1974. From 1975 to 1989, he served as a Pastor under the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God and as an Evangelist in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Canada for 15 years.

In June of 1989, Windie Chaleka said goodbye to his family, friends and a 1,200 member Zimbabwe Assemblies of God congregation in Zimbabwe to follow a Missionary calling to the United States. When Windie came to America, he went to Dallas, Texas to further his education at Christ for the Nations (CFNI). He knew the Lord wanted him to be more to be trained and receive more education about the Word of God, and CFNI provided that excellent education. But there was even more! God had placed a burning message in his heart for America. He would in fact become a Missionary to the United States and around the world.



Apostle Windie Chaleka is the Founders of International Christian Prayer Center Church (ICPC)/Windie Chaleka Ministries and ICP TRUST- For HVI and AIDS Treatment & Prevention. He is heavily involved in helping Children and Adults suffering, affected, infected and living with HIV and AIDS of all ages, getting medicines for their treatment and material support e.g. Food and Clothing for Orphans in Zimbabwe.
He also prays for God to bring healing and deliverance to all who need healing. His work also encompasses in Soul Winning and Person - to- Person Evangelism . He prays corporately with individuals person-to-person. He does Marriage & Family Counseling for all who are in need and those who need deliverance from strong holds of substance abuse.

Apostle Windie Chaleka has seen God’s power Heal the sick. Many broken lives and relationships healed and restored; Many people have been delivered and set free from demonic spirits.
Apostle ChalekaHe has ministered in many Churches and organizations in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, the Bahamas Islands, Canada, South Africa and Zimbabwe. As a result, thousands of people have been blessed as God performed miracles, signs and wonders through preaching and teaching the Word of God. Matthew 4:23-25

Apostle Windie received his Associates Degree in Practical Theology from Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX;
M.A. from Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA; and M.Div. from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK. He also
Graduated from US Army School of Chaplaincy, Ft Jackson, South Carolina, and served as an Active Duty Chaplain in the US Army. Windie is a trained and certified with Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Hospital Chaplain with Baptist Medical Hospital, Jacksonville, FL. He holds diplomas in Sales and Marketing and in Charismatic Leadership. He also holds certification in Child Care (CDA) Child Development Associate  for Early Childhood Education from the Council for Professional Recognition.


For over 23 years-since 1993, God spoke to me to establish a Prayer Ministry as a backbone for this ministry. Through this Prayer Ministry, God is now fulfilling what He spoken to me in the past years. We are now seeing and experiencing God’s Great Healing Power in demonstration, as people’s lives are being changed and transformed, healed.Some who had almost died while on Life-Support machines in the hospitals; God brought them back to life again: the cripples are being healed, getting up on their feet walking again. Children born abnormal becoming normal, completely healed by LORD JESUS CHRIST. People suffering from cancer are being healed. Praise God, Jesus is still healing people today! He is still the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. People are being totally delivered and set free.


 (Mark 10:27)    For with men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

(Isaiah 55:11)  His word will never return to Him void. It will accomplish whatever He sent it for.

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